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Students from the research group of Jonas Buchli, Professor at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, were honored for their papers at international conferences. Six electives must be chosen to achieve the necessary 24 credit points. AMIV publishes study documents, infos about events and jobs for you here. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. In the media More in the media.

A project application will only be considered if an ETH Zurich supervisor provides confirmation that they will supervise the project. Press Tab to navigate to entries, then Enter to open or collapse content. Understanding, modeling and reducing flicker noise by exploiting correlations existent in this type of stochastic processes. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. Microcontaminants place a considerable burden on our water courses, but removing them from wastewater requires considerable technical resources. In the Science in Perspective SiP courses, students learn to understand and critically question the correlations between scientific knowledge, technological innovations, cultural contexts, individuals and society.

Please note that following the approval from your supervisor professorthe request must be submitted no later than four weeks before the submission deadline expires. Confirmation that the external institution agrees to be bound by the provisions of ETH Zurich rules.

Umang Jivanlal Maradia, former doctoral student in Prof. Written report and presentation required. A Focus Coordinator is responsible bacehlor each Focus Specialization. Students from the research group of Jonas Buchli, Professor at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, were honored for their papers at international conferences.


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Over 40 professors work in nine institutes, with additional four independent professors. Congratulation on your Master awards!

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Design, fabricate, and characterize etth analog readout readout circuit for the developed high-precision resonant pressure sensor.

Show more news items. Marco Altheimer, doctoral student in Prof. In order to be considered for the exchange program, exchange students must have completed at least two full years at a university with an academic background similar to the students in our program.

Ten labs must be passed, of which at least four must be in physics. It is recommended to complete three Electives in the fourth semester and three others in the fifth semester.

etb Stephanie Schlatter, former doctoral student of Prof. The Master level is taught in English. Nature Communications, Claudio U. In general, exchange students may participate in research projects at ETH Zurich, e. The scientists are active over the full spectrum.

bachelor thesis mavt eth

Credit points are only awarded when an entire examination block has been passed. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. In total, 5 Engineering Tool-courses must be completed. Besides acquiring new knowledge, they also gain soft skills and practise teamwork and work organisation.

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D-MAVT has defined the following procedure and documents for decisions in the Department Conference about an external thesis: Development of a bacheor based on COMSOL and Matlab to simulate the modulation of charge transport in carbon nanotube sensors due to mechanical or chemical effects. During Laboratory Practice the students learn about measuring methods, use of the appropriate equipment and their practical use in research. A list of projects is published on the homepage of institutes and laboratories.


The election to the NAE is among the highest professional distinctions bacheelor to an engineer.

bachelor thesis mavt eth

Arabella Mauri from Prof. Exchange and visiting students must earn a minimum of 20 credits per semester. Choose your courses according to the language. Additional courses in the first year In addition to the compulsory courses in the first year, the following courses must also be completed: Compulsory courses in the first year Examinations on the compulsory courses are held for the first time in the so-called first year examinations during the examination period at the end of the second semester.

The reasons why the doctoral thesis should be pursued outside ETH and in the company. Based on market-oriented need, all processes in product development are conducted in a realistic manner: Open all Close all.