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Taxation leggpte Egypt from Augustus to Diocletian. The dissertation was defended on November 8th, and I graduated on December 10th, Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists You may send this item to up to five recipients.

dissertation sur legypte pharaonique

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Testi demotici e greci relativi ad una famiglia di imbalsamatori del ii sec. Your rating has been recorded. In this regard, Syro-Palestine represents a an important field of study for the historian in view of the strong relations that united the two regions in the Byzantine and especially the Omayyad periods.


Essays on Oriental laws of Succession. The Jewish Marriage Contracts from Elephantine: Reading Papyri, Writing Ancient History.

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The historiographies are, as everywhere, multiple and the “competing” texts, Muslim and Coptic, need to be taken into consideration. Archaeological Activities in Egypt [In French].

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dissertation sur legypte pharaonique

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dissertation sur legypte pharaonique

This endeavour has grown out of a new look at papyrology wherein Arabists are working together with Hellenists and Coptic specialist. In the Wake of the Goddesses: Rapporto Preliminare della Campagna di Scavo del A Family Archive From Thebes.


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