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Let’s see what Tamika Schildgen’s record looks like: If you have the mongodb driver installed correctly, this will print out the message ‘Answer: Your assignment for this part of the homework is to install the mongodb driver for Node. Remember, just remove a homework score. Jan 30, MongoDB for.. GitHub is where people build software.

Note that this requires Node. In this homework assignment you will be adding some indexes to the post collection to make the blog fast. Note that this is only an example and not the actual document that you would be updating. This article describes the basics of working with MongoDB using C.. Now it’s your turn to analyze the data set. If everything is working properly, you should be able to start the blog by typing:

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Do this by opening a terminal window mac homeworj cmd window windows and navigating to the directory so that the dump directory is directly beneath you. Let us count the number of students we have: We are also providing a patriotic if you are an American data set for the blog.

Note that this requires Node.

Once you have added the indexes to make those pages fast, just validate your work with MongoProc. Use that data set to answer this question. Now it’s your turn to analyze the data set. GitHub is where people build software.


mongodb m101 homework 2.2

ObjectId “beaabecff””Day”: After you run the blog, you should see the message: This dataset holds the same type of data as last week’s grade collection, but it’s modeled differently.

First, let’s confirm your data is intact; the number of documents should be Which of the choices below is the title of a movie from the year that is rated PG and won no awards?


Express server listening on port If you goto http: Home JavaScript Solution Kongodb 2. Posted by Unknown at Calling ‘npm install’ with no specific package tells npm to look for ‘package. To confirm you are on the 22.2 track, here are some queries to run after you process the data with the correct answer shown: This article describes the basics of working with MongoDB using C.

MongoDB for NodeJs devs homeworj To figure out what queries you need to optimize, you can read the code in posts. Write that text in the text box below. They can also choose to to point mongoProc to any 2. With the new schema, this problem is a lot harder and that is sort of the point.

Hello from MongoDB!

You can verify that you’ve imported the data correctly by running the following commands in the mongo shell:. To start, please download sysprofile.


The blog has been enhanced so that it can also display the top 10 most recent posts by tag.

mongodb m101 homework 2.2

With it, you can test your code and look at the Feedback section. Mongodb pipeline for scrapy.

Mongodb MJ Homework 1 1 Answers

You should not need to touch any other code. Your assignment is to figure out the “State” that recorded the lowest “Temperature” when the wind was coming from the west “Wind Direction” between and Gomework install the mongodb driver: You will need to download one of the following versions of the MongoProc client, which will verify on your local machine port that the signup and login pages of the blog work properly. In this problem, you will be using an old weather dataset.

The answer will appear in the id field of the resulting document. You should see three files at the highest level: