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The University Archives staff will review your manuscript and will not accept it unless it has been appropriately prepared. During the consultation, Special Collections and Archives will check your thesis or dissertation to see if it meets all the formatting requirements specified in the manual. The words used in the title of your manuscript are the access points for researchers who may use keyword-searching techniques to identify works in various subject areas. Skip to main content Skip to search box. You may want to consider using multimedia for some such material. Sample Table of Contents Master’s Thesis 7.

If only one dimension of a chart or simliar material is oversized, the other dimension must conform to the size of a regular typewritten page 8. If you have used copyrighted material of your own or others, you must include a statement to inform the reader that permission has been granted and state the source of the permission. White fourth edition, , is an excellent guide. Theses or dissertations that do not follow the formatting requirements in the manual will not be accepted and the student will be told what needs to be changed and will be referred to certain section s of the manual for formatting requirements. Sample Title Page Ph.

The cashier will stamp the form to indicate receipt of payment.

UCI Theses and Dissertations Manual – 1. Basic Information for the Candidate

Two basic guidelines are:. See more information about the embargo process in Section 5.

uci dissertation formatting

You may not mix asterisks with numerals. What are the margin requirements? The form must also be signed by your Department Chair or Graduate Advisor. Bernstein, also is a good source udi common word-selection decisions.


You must use this wording everywhere that your degree name appears in your manuscript.

Sample List of Tables 7. If you miss the deadline, the formal conferral of your degree will be delayed until at minimum the following quarter. Number the first page of each section at the bottom center and all remaining pages of that section in the upper right corner. Remember that your manuscript can be printed only on one side of each manuscript disserrtation. Electronic forrmatting Audiovisual Appendices 2. Pay the Filing Fee Dissertatkon may pay a Filing Fee instead of the regular quarterly Registration Fee or Summer Session Fee if, prior to the beginning of the term in which you expect to receive your degree, you have met formattint degree requirements, as well as all other eligibility requirements for the filing fee which are listed on the form The Filing Fee is half the amount of the Registration Fee.

In order to avoid it’s being bound into the spine of the book and therefore not able to be unfolded by the reader, no fold should fall closer than. Captions and Numbering Place table numbers and titles above each table, and figure numbers and legends below each figure; if you choose a different pattern, be consistent throughout the manuscript.

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Refer to sections 6. Students are responsible for adherence to all requirements specified in this manual. Use word substitutes, not symbols or formulas, to ensure effective retrieval from on-line indexes.

The time needed for cataloging and various other processes for electronic publishing varies; allow a minimum of five months for the entire process from submission of your manuscript to the University Archives to the time dsisertation manuscript is available for viewing. All manuscript text, excluding manuscript fornatting numbers, must fit within these specified margin requirements:. The term “et al. Masters theses submitted in paper are bound and made available for circulation, but are not available online.


It is not official and it is not maintained by Special Collections and Archives.

uci dissertation formatting

I received a notice stating I need to make minor revisions. The title page, copyright page, dedication page if usedlists of figures, tables, symbols, or illustrations, acknowledgments page, curriculum vitae Ph. The degree earned; use the wording given in Section 7.

uci dissertation formatting

You may use letter suffixes to identify figures or tables e. Paper Quality and Size 2. Number the subsequent pages consecutively to the end of your manuscript including any appendices and the bibliography. Skip to main content Skip to search box.

Therefore, when typing your manuscript, stay well within the margin requirements. Captions and Numbering Place table numbers and titles above each table, and figure numbers and legends below each figure; if you choose a different pattern, be consistent throughout the manuscript.

Any symbols, equations, figures, drawings, diacritical marks, or lines that cannot be typed, and therefore are drawn, must be added in permanent black ink.

The correct type of paper has been used. Includes formattjng title, your name, the degree name, the university name and year, and your committee chair’s name; all of the above must be consistent with your title page.