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We need to remember that the requirements of EB1-Extraordinary Ability are set high. Currently I have only one case scientist , but maybe in the future I might get access to more cases. Also, he may try to get a letter from its science editor if possible. Recent Questions on Green Card. Hi Veronika, Do you have any sample of art applicants? You must log in or register to reply here. The rest of the paragraph might include also a summarized overview about the petitioner:

As a result, Dr. USCIS may deny Adjustment of Status or even revoke permanent residency status to applicants who are granted employment based green card based on extraordinary ability and change their profession after reaching the US. The research in the molecular uysudydtr of Isuiuuyst made me interested in the possible usydt and molecular mechanisms of another complex disorder, namely drug addiction. New immigrants can benefit from our added value to make the complicated application process much simpler and easier, and at the same time meet the U. In addition, he has made 53 presentations throughout the world and has submitted 5 more works for presentation internationally. Throughout the last few years Dr. This alien applicant can win the case by demonstrating the importance of his research, journal papers, citations, etc.

It is also not mandatory to obtain recommendation letters from your current employer if you are employed at the time of submitting your petition.

Eb1 personal statement example

Jsdutoxut, one of the leading laboratory of genetics. The alien applicant should provide convincing evidences, but not simply in a CV format. The first important contribution [petitioner] gave to the field of XYZ was the study of the fundamental properties of XYZ crystals.


Leave a comment Share Link. Can I Self-Petition for U. Salutation I used a different salutation in each recommendation letter. It also asked to submit evidences if I hold an elevated level of membership in any of the organization, although I have submitted documents of membership already. Because of the groundbreaking nature of the research contributions he has made, [petitioner] has become well known as an outstanding researcher.

eb1 personal statement example

Not affiliated statdment any government agency. Kennesaw State University KSUthe third-largest university in the University System of Georgia, is a comprehensive university with expanding undergraduate and graduate programs in Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

Paragraph 3 Documentation regarding how the applicant qualifies for permanent resident status based on the Outstanding Professor or Researcher category. Thanks one more time for the content in your blog!!

eb1 personal statement example

Comments Hey, so when could we expect the kit to be available? I was awarded … I presented as an invited speaker at elite conferences such as …. Thanks again for reading and commenting. Wwer of wer wer usually starts with personao, and later wer with using of wer wer such as wer, wer etc.

I have three awards from universities and two patents in my own country. Also, he may provide the number of current members and his rank in the ACS such as if a senior membership. Those who gave me letters are professors and institute directors. Paragraph 2 An explanation of how the writer knows the applicant.

eb1 personal statement example

Another example is showing the petitioner as a judge of the work of pedsonal in the field. I hope that this blog post gave you an idea how to write EB1A reference letter.

EB-1A Extraordinary Ability

EB1A applicants should demonstrate that they intend to continue their endeavors in the United States and eventually contribute towards benefitting the US national interest. The petitioner might include additional evidence to the petition to support the statements in the reference letters.


Following the completion of his Ph. The applicant may need to get a letter from the editor of Chemical and Engineering News which describes their guidelines for choosing papers. I guess my self-petition was not well organized. Shorter high-quality letter with strong arguments is better than lengthy vague statements.

My work in the lab in the collective of enthusiastic scientists cracking fundamental secrets of life shaped my interest in the life science, and I was eager to apply my knowledge of molecular biology to the human health science. Can I File a U. This journal is very selective in the research they publish. It was signed by Chief Scientific Officer at my company.

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As a result, Dr. Other than that, self-claims in these petition has zero weight as far as I see so far.

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