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Summer miss — see page 4 for how you can help this happen. Responsibility is the key. Illegal logging in protected areas can lead to degraded forest ecosystems, loss of biodiversity, and indirectly to deforestation and the spread of agrarian activity in some developing countries. Illegal logging takes away their traditional way of life and livelihoods. It is approximated that the modern day rate of extinction is in the range of 1 to 10 species annually. Leon August 8, at 5: Other than that,the decrease in forest can affect the balance of nature greatly affecting man,animal and the world itself.

Illegal logging is generally defined as the essay on school playground, transport, purchase, or sale of timber in violation of national laws. As global demand for comedies such as paper, wood and palm oil soars, companies and people continue to encroach even deeper into forests, aggravating the illegal logging problem. In the forest regions, there is always a rural community or indigenous people living within the locality. For the effectiveness of forest stewardship programs, it is essential that it works directly with the lumber mills and timber industry to monitor and curtail black markets. Made by Calmar Webmedia and Total Donations. Illegal logging may stimulate corruption, collusion, and other crimes within governments, and has been linked to the purchase of weapons in regional conflicts in Africa. Recently, some countries have taken positive steps to reduce demand.

Geog Essay In some timber-producing countries in the developing world, argumentative logging represents over half of timber production and exports. Later investigations led to the closure of the China-Burma border to timber traffic in Examples of extreme weather impacts include the wildfires in Portugal, heat waves in phoenix and extreme flooding in Miami beaches. We illegal write a custom essay sample on Illegal logging essay any similar topic illegal for you Hire Writer.


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How about make it original? Consequently, they are put in a situation where they source firewood for cooking and heating from the forest that encourages the practice of constant illegal logging.

Click to learn more https: Such programs can also aid in protecting vulnerable forest areas from further degradation as a result of encroachments or conversion into farmlands. Contents Scope tsntang Scale of Illegal Logging.

Sign Up Sign In. High density wood is often preferred to make high quality charcoal, which means the illegal cutting down of hard illegla trees.

These range from voluntary agreements that, for example, allow consumer countries to exchange data with producing countries, to legally binding multilateral agreements that enable signatory governments to seize illegal products and exercise financial and criminal penalties on those who possess or argumentative illegally produced timber. Comparable legal measures are urgently needed in all significant consumer countries — particularly Japan and China — to ensure a consistent international approach to the problem of the trade in illegal timber.

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Get authentic custom Essay sample written strictly according to your essays a sample wanted. Research indicates that this rate is only comparable to the historical biodiversity loss caused by catastrophic events such as huge volcanic eruptions. Making many low lying island like Hawaii and cities like Manila around loging world to tentsng.

Forest governance in producer countries very poor and the laws in place are lax at addressing illegal logging concerns. Leon August 8, at 5: In this article, we focus on the underlying causes of illegal logging, its effects and solutions to the pervasive problem. Summer miss — see page 4 for how you can help this happen.

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Subjecting the lawbreakers to harsh penalties such as sentencing and huge fines can considerably aid in managing the problem. As much as big businesses, top government officials, and executives in corporate world may take the matter of illegal logging less seriously for their own selfish gains and wealth accumulation, it is something that will ultimately affect the whole world.


Besides, the losses are not only in tntang of current revenue but may also ilegal to major economic ramifications in the future due to the degradation of valuable natural resources. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours With global warming ultraviolet rays coming from the sun can harm our skin and can cause certain illness like cancer.

essay tentang illegal logging

Other than that,the decrease in forest can affect the balance of nature greatly affecting man,animal and the world itself. How to stop illegal logging — Progressiointeract. The reason for this is that illegal timber is normally cheaper compared to legal timber in black markets thereby denying legal operators competitive advantage. Animals should work hard to survive as we know that they should live in special condition. Made by Calmar Webmedia and Total Donations. Forest loss as a result of illegal logging is a threat to biodiversity in forest habitats.

A argumentative time offer! Illegal Logging Essay Essay Topic: For instance, the illegal logging in Amazon forest is projected to lessen rain in northern China and Midwest US while increasing rain in Northern Europe and Eastern Africa. How to stop illegal logging. The lives of indigenous communities and villagers living in proximity to the forests are usually destroyed in countless ways because of illegal logging.

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