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As the UPQC can compensate for almost all existing PQ problems in the transmission and distribution grid, integration of a UPQC in the distributed generation network can be multipurpose. C1 D1 Fig 6. UPQC is a recent power electronic module which guarantees better power quality mitigation as it has both series-active and shunt-active power filters APFs. Further, the output of FLC controls the switch in the inverter. The control signal given to the UPQC plays a significant role in establishing a better operation of the device. In that case, APFs are connected in a cascade mode which shows the advantages of high flexibility, reliability due to no control interconnection and reduced power capacity demand of APFs.

Again, losses tend to increase if the voltage rating of the series APF is increased. Islanding detection and reconnection techniques, together with associated control schemes, have featured in the conventional UPQC system. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. This is reflected in the shaded portions zoomed-in-version of the Fig 3. From the design perspective, some configurations involve the generators being directly connected to the grid through a dedicated transformer while others incorporate power electronic interfaces. This is the most common placement of the UPQC reported in the literature.

Received Jun 10; Accepted Jul 7.

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Here the controller is implemented using a real-time simulator and is connected to the physical plant. Compensation in the time domain is based on the instantaneous derivation of compensating commands in the form of voltage or current signals.

In this research, the fuzzy logic controller is utilized for the generation of reference signal controlling the UPQC. The DVR is a series-connected custom power device to protect sensitive loads from supply side disturbances except outages. When an ant has to choose between two or more paths, the path s with a larger amount of pheromone have a greater probability of being chosen by the ant.


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Simulation has been performed to analyze the placement issues. The following developments have been achieved through this PhD research. They play an important role in the concept of the custom power park in delivering quality power at various levels. Modularity and redundancy are very low for both of the controllers. Details of the piterature and set up are given in Appendix 2.

literature review on upqc

An extensive collection of literature covering applications of fuzzy logic, expert systems, neural networks, and genetic algorithms in power quality is also growing [ 11 ].

It is found from Fig 2. Central control is required multi-level converter iii.

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It operates as a current controlled, voltage source and compensates current harmonics by injecting the harmonic components generated by the load but phase shifted by degrees. Electromagnetism, IEC Std.

A and ; each APFsh compensates half of the load reactive and harmonic components. Numerical simulations are shown in Section 6 and the discussions and conclusions follow finally. With the ever increasing advent of nonlinear loads and also due to high frequency switching characteristics, suitable conditioners are always a demand.

Power quality problems compensation with universal power quality conditioning system. Smart control of UPCQ within microgrid energy system. It is also clear from the derivation that the CC flow does not directly depend on the compensating current rating of the APFsh units. The UPQC units developed so far for capacity expansion is mainly for medium or high voltage distribution lines where both the current and voltage are high.


Central control is required and it is complicated iv. It indicates two inputs, one output, and a surface showing input-output mapping. The evaluation expression for this method is.

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A real-time simulation environment in a SIL software-in-loop configuration with a hardware synchronization mode, has been developed using the real-time simulator from OPAL-RT.

Table 2 Voltage sag mitigation performance. Dave ramsey business plan template.

literature review on upqc

Thus it revidw the control complexity of the DG inverter as well as improving the PQ of the microgrid. A design parameter selection procedure with an example has been described here by initially setting a maximum switching frequency and loss limit.

The current I C is preferably the reactive load current component.

Thus the capacity enhancement and flexibility of the proposed UPQC operation can be achieved. Capacity enhancement in ii. The circular current control strategies require more communication between each of the inverters as well as a circular path for current distribution. In these cases, CC will flow and these are reflected in Fig 6.